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Block Management Gloucestershire

What CMG offers to residents management companies is basically an easier life – and who doesn’t want one of those?

Directors of a residents management company really don’t need the hassle of ensuring that their company complies with the correct company law, accounting rules, leasing management and health and safety compliance – their four key areas of responsibility.

But at CMG as expert property managers these are our specialisms and we take the strain.

We apply our expertise to ensure that your flat management company tasks are undertaken quickly and cost effectively. Our extensive range of services include: providing advice on all the relevant legal and regulatory issues and general interpretation of leases; managing all aspects of the service charges to residents, including managing all financials; carrying out general  inspections of the building and dealing with leaseholders’ day-to-day issues.

In addition to CMG’s free building ‘health check’, residents management companies can benefit from our range of apartment management services to help you keep on top of your building maintenance, compliance, health and safety and fire control. CMG also assists with the running of your flat management company helping you to improve communication with residents, problem solving, helping to minimise service costs and ensuring all your legal and financial requirements are met. These services extend to dealing with issues such as solicitors’ pre-sale enquiries, being the first port of call for residents who have a problem with a public or communal area either in the building or within the grounds, in short covering all the issues that you have to deal with but would rather it was left to someone else to resolve. CMG can even act as your company secretary, running management meetings, ensuring matters such as filing annual returns and accounts are filed on time and correctly.

For estate management within the Gloucestershire area, CMG aims to be on site within one hour of receiving a call, providing a specialised and localised service. With our locally based team we are especially adept at handling smaller block management requirements.

Our specialist property managers can also negotiate with third party suppliers such as cleaning companies and grounds maintenance contractors. CMG’s lengthy list of services [link] are designed to make the running of your residents management company as smooth and cost effective as possible.
At the same time we are able to provide a comprehensive block management service, with a local, 24/7, on-call support to all of the residents. And because your CMG contact is less than an hour away, issues can be resolved quickly.

Residential and estate management made easier with CMG

Being a member of a residents management company these days can be a legal minefield. For example, did you know that there are at least 17 pieces of legislation covering the ‘communal’ or ‘public’ areas of a typical residential apartment block, all of them the responsibility of the residents management company? As experienced property managers, here at CMG we can help you navigate the legal minefield to ensure that the estate management of your apartment block complies with all the relevant legislation, offering security and peace of mind to directors of the flat management company and all of the owner-leaseholders.

FREE block management ‘health check’
To make life easier for residents management companies, property managers at CMG offer a completely FREE building health check. With some significant changes in legislation covering estate management and apartment block property management in the last five years, you need to be sure that your building’s public areas comply with health and safety, fire and other relevant regulatory controls. As experienced estate managers, CMG can undertake a free, without obligation, health check of the building and point you in the right direction to ensure your residential management company is operating correctly and within the bounds of the many legal requirements.

After the health check, CMG will supply a report on the effectiveness and compliance of your residents management company and the apartment block. Beyond this CMG can suggest ways in which you can make improvements to the way the building and your residents management company are run.